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Why we've built Staff Smarter

At Staff Smarter we are passionate about solving staffing challenges in the social care sector. There are tools out there that were designed for bar work or retail and now are being used for care. These don't work. Unlike other providers we only work with the care sector and only ever will.

We have decades of experience in care. After speaking to hundreds of social care providers, we built Staff Smarter to help you find a smarter way to manage rotas, fill shifts and engage your staff.

We are more than a rota tool. We are a workforce tool that will help you be more efficient but equally empower your staff and reduce turnover and resident care.

Staff Smarter helps you do many things:
  • Build rotas
  • Cover any gaps
  • Seamlessly link to agencies if needed
  • Track budgets and spend including agency
  • Manage time and attendance
  • Link to payroll
  • Training and compliance
  • Communicate with your teams
  • Staff engagement such as competitions and surveys.

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