If you’re reading this post, you’ve likely heard of Staff Smarter and have come to check out whether it’s something your organisation needs. Maybe you’re curious about how Staff Smarter can make your life as a home manager easier and more efficient. Or perhaps you are looking at ways to adapt in the face of Covid-19 and the numerous rota gaps you are suddenly faced with. These are all things we’re here to help you do, and below are just a few of the ways in which we can.

Prevent dangerous agency use

As a home manager, your top priority during this pandemic will be protecting those you care for as well as your staff. This means mitigating risk wherever possible, and one of the best ways to reduce risk is by reducing the amount of visitors who come into your home - including temporary staff. But sometimes that feels impossible, especially when you’re staring at blank spaces on your staffing rota and wondering how to fill them without going to an agency. 

This is where Staff Smarter can help. Our system is designed to use your existing staff and bank staff to fill staffing gaps by sending push notifications to your nurses and carers asking them to pick up shifts you might normally give to an agency. They can respond with a click of a button, and their responses are logged and actioned by our software, saving you the hassle.

Save your managers time

WIth Staff Smarter there’s no need to onboard new staff at a time when you’re already being tested by the demands of infection control, or preoccupied with weekly testing for Covid. And there’s no need to pull your hair out over the puzzle of scheduling your existing staff. 

Instead, our system does this for you by acting as the liaison between you and staff and offering up shifts in a one-step, simple solution. No more ringing around, sifting through WhatsApp group messages, or headaches from trying to remember everyone’s availability. Staff Smarter will save you all that time and hassle so you can get back to doing the important stuff.

Understand how your workforce is behaving

Staff Smarter helps you keep a closer eye on your workforce to make sure they’re following infection control measures and social distancing. How do we do this, you ask? Simply by minimising the number of people you work with and making sure your rota is staffed by people you know and trust first and foremost. We know you put a lot of hard work into hiring the right team for your organisation, and our platform ensures you build continuity of care while also building a continuity in your workforce.

Would you like to learn more about how Staff Smarter can support your home?

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