As care home managers you put a lot of time and effort into building the right team for your organisation, but what about building your ‘B Team’? We are referring to, of course, your ‘bank staff,’ or a group of trusted people who you have waiting in the wings to fill any staffing gaps that may arise.

Instead of going to an agency everytime you need a position filled, we have put together five reasons why you should consider hiring bank staff instead, and how Staff Smarter can help you do this.

Agency fees

First and foremost there is cost to consider. Hiring agency staff is expensive. It can also become time-consuming to manage. With Staff Smarter we help you avoid both of these problems by creating a system where you can offer shifts to known and trusted staff in an efficient way. By letting Staff Smarter take over the process you’ll be free to focus your time (and budget) elsewhere. 

Continuity of care

Continuity of care has always been important to home managers, but due to Coronavirus it is so now than ever. By building up your bank staff using Staff Smarter’s system you’ll ensure the same people are used again and again, rather than introducing a new agency nurse into your environment everytime you need a shift covered.

Team cohesion

A happy side effect of having the same people filling vacant shifts is that it will create cohesion amongst your permanent and temporary staff. They’ll be able to work effectively as a team unit rather than having to adapt to newcomers regularly. This will not only have an impact on your staff, but on those you look after as well, as a cohesive team unit will have better communication and leave less work to fall through the cracks.


When you approach an agency for staffing help you have very little control over who is sent to work with you. Staff Smarter puts the control back in your hands, offering flexibility in your approach to staffing by keeping trusted contacts just a text away. What’s more, you have the power to decide who your staff-related push notifications go out to, so if you have preferred people in mind for any one shift you know you can reach out to them first instead of leaving it to chance. 


Right now there is a large pool of people looking for work, and not just within the care industry. With travel and hospitality sectors virtually at a standstill, you might find there is appropriate overlap between skills needed to fill certain shifts. By using Staff Smarter you can be creative in your approach to finding staff while widening your pool of candidates in a way that an agency cannot. 

Would you like to learn more about how Staff Smarter can support your home? 

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