Borough Care have recently piloted Staff Smarter, an innovative technology platform designed to eliminate agency usage across their eleven homes.

The Challenge

Jayne Hennessy, HR Director at Borough Care, said:

With Covid all around us, we needed a solution to make it easier for casual staff to pick up shifts efficiently and to help us minimise our reliance on temporary agency staff. We chose StaffSmarter for its simplicity.  

We also loved the team’s personalised approach, which has allowed us to tailor the set up to really match our group’s needs”.

After just a few weeks of using Staff Smarter, Borough Care saw reductions in agency usage.

This demonstrates both financial and safety-related benefits from using known instead of external staff, while bringing welcome respite during a period of Covid-related pressures.

How Staff Smarter helped Borough Care

Staff Smarter’s analytics allow managers to instantly understand staff engagement around shift booking, cancellation, views, and inactivity.

The data has enabled the Borough Care team to spot and respond quickly to staffing issues, ensuring sufficient coverage for all of their rota gaps.

The feedback from the care home managers themselves has been very positive, with one saying:

The system is so easy for staff to use that we have actually seen some accept extra shifts who previously haven’t picked any up in a while!”  

Although Borough Care originally intended to use Staff Smarter mainly for casual staff, it has been so well received that most homes in the pilot group have also chosen to add their permanent staff.  

As a result, several homes of the test group are already seeing 100% fill rates with minimal effort.

Additional feedback about Staff Smarter

The platform is designed to be self-serve, so clients can set up an account and start posting shifts in minutes (although the Staff Smarter team is always on hand to support if needed).

Jayne confirms:

Getting set up on the platform was really easy and I could easily find my way around when I first logged in.”

Daisy Meakin, Managing Director of Staff Smarter, said:

It has been fantastic working with the team at Borough Care over the past few months.  Whilst it is great to see the numbers of shifts being posted and filled increasing week on week, it has also been really rewarding to see how the transparency of the platform has enabled the team to spot and address problems fast, and we can see the improvements week by week”.

More about StaffSmarter

Staff Smarter is a government-funded, free platform built specifically to help social care providers:

Would you like to learn more about how Staff Smarter can support your home? 

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